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Dog Groomers

We Provide  are professionals who is specialize in the grooming and maintenance of dogs’ coats and overall hygiene. Our website provide a range of services that include bathing, brushing, haircuts, nail trimming, ear cleaning, and more. Dog groomers may work in a variety of settings, such as pet stores, veterinary clinics, grooming salons, or even mobile grooming units.

The services provided by dog groomers can vary depending on the breed, size, and individual needs of the dog. For example, a long-haired dog may require more frequent grooming to prevent matting and tangling of the fur, while a short-haired dog may only need occasional brushing.

Face Trim

Face trims can be done on all breeds of dogs, but they are particularly important for breeds with long hair around the face, such as Shih Tzus, Poodles, and Bichon Frises. If left untrimmed, the fur around the face can become overgrown, which can interfere with the dog’s vision, cause irritation, and even lead to infection.


Baths can be done at home or at a professional grooming salon. When giving a dog a bath at home, it’s important to use a mild, dog-specific shampoo and to rinse thoroughly to avoid leaving any soap residue on the dog’s skin. Warm water is usually best for comfort, but not too hot as to avoid burning the dog’s skin. Groomers will also dry the dog thoroughly with towels and a hair dryer.

Flea Removal

Flea removal is a necessary grooming service for dogs that have been infested with fleas, which are tiny parasitic insects that feed on the dog’s blood. Fleas can cause skin irritation, hair loss, and transmit diseases, making it important to remove them as quickly and effectively as possible.

Teeth Cleaning

Teeth cleaning is an important aspect of dog grooming that involves removing plaque and tartar buildup from the dog’s teeth and gums. Dental health is essential for a dog’s overall health and well-being, as dental problems can lead to infections, pain, and even organ damage over time.

Additional Treatments



Fluff & Brush


Paw Pad Treatment


Teeth Cleaning


Gland Expression


Face Trim


Flea Bath


Nail Trim


Nail Dremel


Ear Cleaning


Mobile Grooming

Mobile grooming vans are equipped with everything needed to provide a full range of grooming services, including bathing, hair trimming, nail trimming, and ear cleaning. The vans are typically self-contained and have their own water supply and wastewater storage, as well as a generator to provide power for the grooming equipment.

Mobile grooming services may be more expensive than traditional grooming services, due to the added convenience and personalized attention. However, the cost can vary depending on the location, the services provided, and the individual groomer


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