How It Works


Connect With a Breeder

If you’re interested in connecting with a breeder to find a new pet, there are several steps you can take


Take Our a Screening Survey

These questions can help you screen potential adopters to ensure that they are prepared to provide a safe, loving home for a new pet. It’s important to remember that each pet has its own unique needs and personality, so it’s important to match the right pet with the right owner.


Coordinate a Showing

If you’re coordinating a showing for a potential adopter to meet a pet, here are some steps you can take:

  1. Schedule a time
  2. Confirm the location
  3. Prepare the pet
  4. Provide information
  5. Answer questions
  6. Observe interactions
  7. Provide follow-up


Exams and Vaccinations

Overall, regular exams and vaccinations are important for keeping your pet healthy and protecting them from disease. Talk to us  about developing a vaccination and exam schedule that is appropriate for your pet’s needs.


Coordinate Pickup!

By coordinating a pickup, you can help ensure a smooth transition for the pet and their new owner. This can help ensure that the pet finds a loving and permanent home where they can thrive.


Here are a few of the questions we get the most. If you don’t see what’s on your mind, reach out to us anytime on phone, chat, or email.

How does this work?

Book an appointment using the following steps:

  • Step 1: Visit  our website to book your appointment. Ensure to enter the correct contact information and a location that your groomer can locate quickly on Google Maps and a GPS.Step 2: Select a schedule that suits your needs and follow the instructions to enter your preferred method to make an online payment.Step 3: One of our qualified and pet-friendly groomers will arrive at the location you have provided us with to pamper your pet!
What is Pawsh?

Pawsh is a team of professional pet groomers whose mission is to provide you and your pet with a superior grooming experience right to your doorstep.

What do I need to provide the groomer?

1. A bath or shower for large dog breeds

2. A sink, bath, or shower for small dog breeds

3. A well-lit area (approx. 6×6 ft) equipped with easily accessible outlets for blow dryers and haircuts

4.Two dry towelsTrash BagsOnce you have picked your groomer, you need to be clear with your expectations for how your pet should appear after their grooming. Please provide photos of the style you have chosen and use very descriptive words. Please also provide a list of any allergies or sensitivities your dog has so we can select grooming products accordingly.

What’s the platform fee?

Pawsh is a tools provider for business owners to run their own hyper-local pet grooming businesses. The platform fee covers credit card and pawsh operation costs.

How is pricing calculated?

Each pet groomer is a small business owner running their business on the Royal-Pet platform. So, they are in charge of setting their own pricing. Full Groom & add-ons may vary from groomer to groomer.

Here’s a general breakdown of the pricing structure:

Groom price – Based on services and add-on’s you choose.

Travel fee – set by the groom and may vary per city. This could be either a flat rate or a $/mile and based on distance. Each groomer is a business owner, so they are able to set their own price structure.

Tip– % of groom total.

Platform fee– Royal-Pet is a tools provider for business owners to run their own hyper-local pet grooming businesses. The platform fee covers credit card and Royal-Pet fund processing.

How much tip should I leave?

For the elite and specialty services, our trained professional groomers provide, giving them a well-earned gratuity is encouraged. When the customer shows their satisfaction with the services provided and tips the groomer, the groomer is also satisfied in knowing they have done a great job; the money they earn, including tips, aids them in furthering their education on select services to provide to your pet! How much to leave is up to the customer’s discretion, but 15% or more is a reasonable amount.

To keep the tipping system a clean transaction, doing so in cash or including it in your online payment is ideal. 100% of the money earned by the groomer, including tips, is entirely theirs.

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